Woodbury Real Estate Information

Woodbury is a medium sized community found in the far eastern portion of the state of Minnesota. Woodbury has a population of approximately forty six thousand five hundred residents, and is technically considered a city of the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes. Woodbury is located in Washington County, which is one of the counties found in the suburban area of Minneapolis-Saint Paul. Woodbury is found along Interstate 94, and is closer to Saint Paul than it is to Minneapolis. Woodbury real estate is mostly suburban and residential, although there are also some commercial and industrial lots. Woodbury covers a total area of just over thirty five and a half square miles, including a little more than a half square mile of surface water.

The area which is now considered Woodbury was originally the domain of the Dakota or Sioux tribe of Native American Indians, who first established a settlement in the region several hundred or possibly thousand years ago. The area was heavily wooded before the arrival of European American settlers, and the boundaries shifted regularly during conflicts between the Ojibwa and Sioux tribes. The first Americans arrived in the year eighteen forty four, slightly before the settlement of the Twin Cities. The early economy of Woodbury was based heavily on farming and logging, although lately the trend has been towards suburbanization and commercial ventures. Woodbury takes its name from Levi Woodbury, a justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, although it was first known as Red Rock. Woodbury was officially incorporated in the year eighteen fifty eight as a town, and again in the year nineteen sixty seven as a city.

Educational opportunities are available to the residents of Woodbury properties primarily due to the South Washington County School District, which includes Woodbury High School, although part of the city is served by Tartan Senior High School and Stillwater Area High School. Woodbury is also home to Lake Junior High School, Woodbury Junior High School, the Minnesota School of Business, and the Minnesota Math and Science Academy. There are more than three thousand acres of recreational facilities, which include parks, trails, and sports fields, among other uses.