Wayzata Real Estate Information

Wayzata is a relatively small community found in the central eastern portion of the state of Minnesota. Wayzata has a population of approximately four thousand one hundred residents, making it substantially less populous than the other incorporated communities of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Metropolitan Statistical Area. Wayzata is situated in Hennepin County, which is by far the most heavily populated county in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes. Wayzata real estate is almost entirely suburban in nature, while the relatively low population of the community means that there are fewer high rise apartment complexes than other nearby cities. Wayzata is one of the most expensive and high class suburbs of the Twin Cities, ranking in the top three in the state of Minnesota.

Wayzata is currently governed by Mayor Andrew Humphrey, while the community covers a total area of about three and one fifth square miles. The earliest inhabitants of the area which is now considered Wayzata were Mdewakanton Dakota Native Americans, often known more familiarly as a part of the Sioux Tribe. In fact, modern Day Wayzata sprang into existence at the center of the old Indian village. The name of the community is taken from a Dakota term for a wind god, in addition to a suffix that references the north shore of a body of water. American settlers arrived around the year eighteen fifty two, and the community was officially incorporated in the year eighteen eighty three. Wayzata never expanded in the way that many of the other nearby communities did, although it did grow in physical size during the nineteen fifties, when the city took in parts of three nearby towns.

The educational needs of the residents of Wayzata properties are met primarily by the public schools of the area, which include Sunset Hill, Plymoth Creek, Oakwood, Kimberly Lane, Greenwood, Gleason Lake, and Birchview Elementary Schools, West Middle, Central Middle, and East Middle Schools, and Wayzata High School. Wayzata is somewhat enshrined in popular culture due to the show Lost, which includes a character, Benjamin Linus, who emulated the identity of an individual from the city.