Stillwater Real Estate Information

Stillwater is a medium sized community found in the far eastern central portion of the state of Minnesota. Stillwater has a population of approximately fifteen thousand one hundred residents, and is found along the Saint Croix River. Stillwater has a nickname of the “Birthplace of Minnesota”, illustrating its community pride and historical importance to the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes. Stillwater is found immediately across from the state of Wisconsin, which is found on the other side of the Saint Croix River, and is considered a part of Washington County. Stillwater serves as the county seat of Washington County, and is considered a part of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Stillwater covers approximately six and a half square miles of land and four fifths of a square mile of surface water.

Stillwater was settled a little more than a decade before the rest of Minnesota became open to American exploration and inhabitation. Stillwater was opened to the United States government in the year eighteen thirty seven, during which two separate treaties were negotiated between America and the Ojibwa and Dakota to allow American settlements in the Saint Croix Valley. Stillwater's early growth was heavily influenced by the nearby river and the logging industry, which fueled much early growth. Stillwater was officially incorporated as a city in the year eighteen fifty four, four years before Minnesota became the thirty second state. Stillwater is currently well known as a tourist destination, both for a variety of historic sites and for a flourishing trade in antiquities and books.

Stillwater properties are becoming increasingly suburban, with a large percentage of condominiums and apartment complexes being constructed to accommodate the portion of the population which commutes to either Minneapolis or Saint Paul. Points of interest found near Stillwater real estate include the Saint Croix Boom Sites, the Stillwater Lift Bridge, and the Saint Croix River itself. Perhaps the two most important educational institutions in Stillwater are the Stillwater Area High School and the Oak-Land Junior High School. There are also a considerable number of private schools, colleges, and universities found in the core of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area.