Saint Paul Real Estate Information

Saint Paul is politically the most important city in the state of Minnesota, and one of the two principal communities of the Twin Cities Metropolitan area. Saint Paul has a total population of approximately two hundred eighty seven thousand and two hundred residents, although that figure may have changed considerably since the last census was conducted in the year two thousand. The Twin Cities metropolitan area in total has more than three and a half million residents, making it one of the twenty largest urban areas in the country. Saint Paul serves as the capital of the state of Minnesota, and is the second largest city in the state after Minneapolis, the other Twin City. The high quality of Saint Paul real estate is one reason why the city has a motto of “The most livable city in America.” Saint Paul is also referred to as the Capital City, the Saintly City, Pig's Eye, and the Silver City.

The area which is now considered Saint Paul was originally inhabited by Native Americans of the Hopewell Tribe for about two thousand years before the arrival of European settlers and explorers. The Mdewakanton Dakota also had a strong influence on the area for a few hundred years. The American history of Saint Paul began in the year eighteen five, when the explorer Zebulon Pike negotiated for the land in the region and founded a fort in the area. Saint Paul was recognized as the territorial capital in the year eighteen forty nine, when Minnesota was formally declared a territory, and later as the state capital when Minnesota became the thirty second state of the Union.

Saint Paul properties are found in a number of different neighborhoods, including Dayton's Bluff, Summit Hill, Saint Anthony Park, Como Park, Frogtown, the West Side, and Union Park. The educational needs of Saint Paul are met by a number of public and private institutions at the primary, secondary, and post secondary levels. Some notable institutions besides the large conglomerate of the Saint Paul Public Schools include Hamline University, Macalester College, the College of Saint Catherine, and Concordia University. Points of interest in Saint Paul include Lake Como, Harriet Island Regional Park, the Landmark Center, and the Minnesota State Fair.