Minnetonka Real Estate Information

Minnetonka is one of the larger communities found in Minnesota, found in the eastern central portion of the state. Minnetonka has a population of approximately fifty one thousand, five hundred residents, and is considered a part of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Metropolitan Statistical Area. Minnetonka is situated in Hennepin County, and is the fourteenth largest city in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes. According to a study of the etymology of the name Minnetonka, the word is derived from a Dakota Indian phrase that literally means “great water.” Minnetonka covers a total area of approximately twenty eight and a fifth square miles, including just over a square mile of surface water. Minnetonka is largely a suburban community, although there is a substantial corporate presence as well.

The area which is now considered Minnetonka was originally a mostly forested region with small populations of Dakota and Ojibwa Indians, who were the only inhabitants until well into the nineteenth century. American explorers first ventured into modern day Minnetonka in the year eighteen twenty two, when a group from Fort Snelling was exploring up Minnehaha Creek. The area was officially seceded to the United States government in the year eighteen fifty one under a treaty with the Sioux Tribe of Native Americans. The timber and mill industries had an important influence on the early economy of Minnetonka, Minnetonka actually decreased in physical size during the first half of the twentieth century, as a number of townships and cities broke away from the community. Minnetonka was officially incorporated as a village in the year nineteen fifty six, and as a city in the year nineteen sixty nine.

The educational needs of the residents of Minnetonka properties are met primarily by three independent public school districts, the Hopkins School District, the Wayzata School District, and the namesake Minnetonka School District. Schools in Minnetonka include Clear Springs, Groveland, Scenic Heights, Gatewood, Glen Lake, and LH Tanglen Elementary Schools, Minnetonka East, Hopkins West, and Hopkins North Intermediate Schools, as well as Minnetonka and Hopkins High Schools. Residents of Minnetonka real estate can also take advantage of Accell Academy, Minnetonka Christian Academy, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School.