Medina Real Estate Information

Medina is a relatively small community found in the southeast central portion of the state of Minnesota. Medina has a population of approximately four thousand residents, making it one of the less heavily populated incorporated communities in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Medina is considered a part of Hennepin County, which contains many of the suburban communities of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region. Medina is almost completely socioeconomically and racially homogeneous, an attribute that is largely the product of the high per capita income and suburban nature of the city. Medina properties are spread out over a total area of just less than twenty seven square miles, including a little less than one and a third square miles of standing surface water.

Medina is a highly prestigious and rather expensive community, as the median family income is about ninety seven thousand dollars, well above the regional, state, and national averages. Similarly, less than one and a half percent of the population is under the poverty line. The original inhabitants of the area which is now considered Medina were Native Americans, including members of a number of different bands and tribes over the centuries. Medina is located relatively close to some of the famous burial mounds constructed by these indigenous peoples, which are from hundreds to thousands of years old. American settlement of the area which is now considered Medina began in earnest during the nineteenth century, although the city has never expanded to the extent that some other Twin Cities suburbs have.

Some notable residents of Medina real estate throughout the years include Brian Burke, Corey Koskie, Greg LeMond, John Randle, Steve Hutchinson, and Flip Saunders. The educational needs of the city of Medina are met primarily by the Medina City Schools, which include a Kindergarten Center, Heritage, Garfield, Fenn, Canavan, and Blake Elementary Schools, Root and Claggett Middle School, and Medina High School. Medina borders a number of other communities, including Corcoran, Independence, Maple Plain, Maple Grove, Orono, Plymouth, Rockford, Wayzata, and Long Lake. Medina is also a very convenient city, since it is located in the most populous county in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes, Hennepin County.