Lakeville Real Estate Information

Lakeville is a medium-large community found in the central southern portion of the state of Minnesota. Lakeville has a population of approximately fifty two thousand three hundred residents, a substantial increase over the forty three thousand one hundred person reported during the year two thousand census. Lakeville is found in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Metropolitan Area, specifically in Dakota County. Lakeville is considered one of the fastest growing communities in the Twin Cities Area, perhaps thanks to the high quality of Lakeville real estate and the public amenities offered by the state and municipal governments. Lakeville is located along Interstate Highway Thirty-Five, which is another possible reason for the exponentially rapid growth of the community, which began in some sense during the year nineteen ten.

The original inhabitants of the area which is now considered Lakeville were Native Americans, especially those of the Sioux or Ojibwa tribes. The American settlement of the region was enabled by the secession of Native American lands by treaty in the year eighteen fifty one, and began in earnest in the year eighteen fifty five. Lakeville Township was officially established in the year eighteen fifty eight, although the community did not gain widespread recognition until around the year nineteen ten. Lakeville properties were largely rural and agricultural for much of the early history of Lakeville, although it has recently tended towards suburbanization during the second half of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty first century.

Lakeville is served by two major print publications, the Lakeville Thisweek and the Lakeville Sun Current, although there is a third piece, the Farm Show newspaper, is also based in Lakeville. The educational needs of the residents of Lakeville real estate are met by a total of three public school districts – Independent School District 196, Farmington School District 192, and Lakeville Area School District 194, which is the largest of the three. Notable residents of Lakeville throughout the years include Todd Bachman, Kevin Kaesviharn, Andy Belmont, Paul Krause, and Scot Kersten. Lakeville is also just a short drive away from the urban attractions, activities, and points of interest found in the much larger cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul.