Edina Real Estate Information

Edina is a comparatively large city found in the central southern portion of the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes. Edina has a population of approximately forty seven thousand four hundred residents, and is found in close proximity to the metropolitan area known as the Twin Cities. Edina is considered a part of Hennepin County, although it does not serve as the county seat. Edina covers a total area of almost exactly sixteen square miles, including just under one third of a square mile of standing surface water. Edina is currently governed by Mayor James B Hoyland, and has a population density of about three thousand persons per square mile. Edina is relatively homogeneous in terms of socioeconomic status and race, a fact which is at least partially explained by the high per capita income of the community.

The area which is now known as Edina was first inhabited by Native Americans, most recently those of the Dakota Sioux Tribe, who were driven from what is now Minneapolis by an Ojibwa onslaught. These early inhabitants were responsible for building the burial mounds which have now become synonymous with the Native American culture of the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes. The first heavy American settlement of modern day Edina was in the midst of the nineteenth century, although the community was known as Richfield Township at that time. Edina was officially incorporated after a lengthy debate about what to name the newly independent community in the year eighteen eighty eight.

The educational needs of the residents of Edina real estate are met primarily by Indendent School District 273, which includes six elementary schools, two middle schools, and a single high school. That institution, Edina High School, is ranked as one of the top hundred high schools in terms of academics, and one of the top ten in terms of sports in the entire nation. Further opportunities are provided by Cardinal Stritch University, Minnesota State University, and the Minnesota School of Business. Recreational points of interest found near Edina properties include the Braemar Golf Courses, the Centennial Lakes Park, Edinborough Park, Fred Richards Golf Course, and the Edina Aquatic Center.