Eden Prairie Real Estate Information

Eden Prairie is a medium sized suburban community found to the south and west of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Eden Prairie has a population of approximately fifty four thousand, nine hundred residents, and is a good example of what John Garreau termed an “edge city”. Eden Prairie is found in Hennepin County, along the Minnesota River. Eden Prairie is one of the most heavily populated suburbs of Minneapolis-Saint Paul, ranking as the seventh largest suburb in the region. Eden Prairie is situated approximately a dozen miles from downtown Minneapolis, making Eden Prairie properties popular among those who commute to the Twin Cities Area. Eden Prairie is not a suburb in the truest sense of the world, since there are a number of commercial and industrial properties in the city.

Eden Prairie prides itself on being home to a wide variety of open areas and green space, including a series of lakes and ponds. Eden Prairie boasts about one hundred seventy miles of trails, more than two thousand two hundred acres of parks, and more than a thousand acres of open space. Eden Prairie is nicknamed “EP” and has a motto of “Live, Work, Play”. The European settlement of Eden Prairie began in the year eighteen fifty one, upon a US government treaty with the local tribes of Native Americans. Eden Prairie was not officially incorporated until the nineteen sixties, and began to grow substantially upon the construction off Interstate 494 and the Eden Prairie Shopping Center.

Educational opportunities are offered to residents of Eden Prairie real estate by a wide variety of primary, secondary, and post secondary institutions. These schools include six kindergarten, elementary, intermediate, and junior high schools, and Eden Prairie High School as well as Eagle Ridge Academy, the International School of Minnesota, Hennepin Technical College, and Rasmussen College. Notable residents of Eden Prairie properties throughout the years include Andrew Alberts, Mark LeVoir, Lucia Moniz, Jay Foreman, Laurie Coleman, and Leith Anderson. Eden Prairie is home to many more major corporations as compared to the average edge city or suburb, including a total of more than two thousand two hundred companies.