Eagan Real Estate Information

The city of Eagan is a relatively large community found in the south central portion of the state of Minnesota. Eagan has a population of approximately sixty three thousand eight hundred residents, making it one of the largest population centers in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes. Eagan is considered a part of Dakota County, where it is found south of the state capitol, Saint Paul. Eagan is a portion of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul or “Twin Cities” Metropolitan Area, which has an overall population of about three and a half million residents. Eagan is found along the Minnesota River, which is a tributary of the much larger Mississippi River, and which had a heavy influence on the early development of the city of Eagan.

The area which is now considered Eagan was originally inhabited by Native Americans, including those of the Dakota Sioux Tribe, as well as others from the Ojibwa Nation. These tribes left behind what is literally a very large legacy, in the form of huge burial mounds which were constructed to honor their deceased. The American settlement of Eagan began during the second half of the nineteenth century, when a settler named Patrick Eagan purchased and cleared a two hundred and twenty acre parcel of land. Eagan was for a time heavily influenced by the agricultural industry, leading to its nickname as the “Onion Capital of the United States.” Eagan is the fourth largest suburb of the Twin Cities, and the eighth largest city in the state of Minnesota.

The educational needs of the residents of Eagan real estate are met by a wide variety of public and private institutions on all different levels of achievement. The three public school districts in Eagan are Independent School District 191, Independent School District 196, and Independent School District 197. Private schools found amidst Eagan properties include the Tesseract School, the Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran School, Faithful Shepard Catholic School, Rasmussen College, and Argosy University. Eagan is also just a short drive away from the large cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, meaning that there are plenty of urban attractions and activities nearby.