Chaska Real Estate Information

The city of Chaska is a medium sized community found in the central southern portion of the state of Minnesota. Chaska has a population of approximately seventeen thousand five hundred residents, which would be considered high for the northern section of the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes, but that is only about average for the lower portion of the state. Chaska is considered a part of Carver County, and is actually the county seat for Carver County. The current mayor of Chaska is Gary F. Van Eyll, who is responsible for the entirety of Chaska including the former Chaska Township, which was incorporated into the city of Chaska in the year two thousand and five. Chaska has a total area of approximately fourteen and a third square miles, including just under two thirds of a square mile of standing surface water.

The area which is now considered Chaska was originally inhabited by a particularly interesting band of Native Americans. This tribe, the Dakota or Sioux Indians, built massive burial mounds to recognize their fallen brethren, culturally important landmarks that endure to this day. It is difficult to trace the exact history and verbal legends of the Dakota because the recorded history of Chaska did not begin until well into the eighteenth century, specifically in the year seventeen sixty nine. Chaska's name is taken from a Native American term that refers to a male firstborn, although it is not entirely clear why that term was chosen. Chaska was officially incorporated as a village in the year eighteen seventy one, and as a city in the year eighteen ninety one.

Residents of Chaska properties can take advantage of the educational opportunities offered by the public schools of District 112, as well as two notable private schools – Guardian Angels Catholic School and Saint Johns Lutheran School. Chaska real estate is highly desirable, as evidenced by the high ranking of Chaska on national quality of life polls. Chaska has attracted a substantial number of industrial and commercial companies during the last few decades, including corporations that have marketed and sold nationally recognizable products.