Bloomington Real Estate Information

The city of Bloomington is one of the lesser known but largest communities in the state of Minnesota. Bloomington has a total population of approximately eight thousand, nine hundred residents, making it the fifth largest city in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes. There is, however, a possibility that the population of Bloomington has declined somewhat in the three year since the census bureau estimated the population of the town. In the census taken in the year two thousand, the population of Bloomington was about eighty five thousand, two hundred residents, indicating a decline of almost five thousand in the subsequent six years. Bloomington is found about ten miles away from the heart of Minneapolis, and is only a small amount more distant from downtown Saint Paul.

The area which is now considered Bloomington was involved in the aftermath of a conflict between the Ojibwa and Dakota tribes of Native Americans in the year eighteen thirty nine, when a band of Mdewakanton Indians made their way from Lake Calhoun to present-day south Bloomington after being driven out by the Ojibwa. The first American settlers of Bloomington arrived in the year eighteen forty three, with the intention of teaching Native Americans modern farming methods. The later history of Bloomington, especially during the post-World War II years, was heavily influenced by a housing boom that greatly increased the physical size and population of Bloomington. Bloomington has recently decreased somewhat in population, although the city council is looking to reverse that trend.

Residents of Bloomington real estate have the unique advantage of having the largest shopping center in the country, the massive Mall of the Americas, in their town. In addition to hundreds of shops and restaurants, this establishment even has its own indoor theme park. The educational needs of Bloomington are met primarily by the Bloomington Public Schools, which include a number of elementary and middle schools in addition to Thomas Jefferson and John F. Kennedy High Schools. Residents of Bloomington properties can also take advantage of Normandale Community College, the Bethany College of Missions, and Northwestern Health Sciences University.