Minneapolis Real Estate Information

Minneapolis is the most populous urban center in the state of Minnesota, although the other Twin City, Saint Paul, comes in a close second in terms of number of residents. Minneapolis serves as the county seat of the county that it is found in, Hennepin County, and has the nickname of the “City of Lakes.” Minneapolis and Saint Paul have a combined population of approximately three and a half million residents, and Minneapolis itself has an urban population of three hundred and seventy seven thousand residents. Minneapolis has a remarkable amount of surface water, leading to its city motto, including the Mississippi River, the Chain of Lakes, the Grand Rounds Scenic Byway, and over twenty lakes.

Minneapolis covers a total area of fifty eight and two fifths square miles, including three and a half square miles of rivers and lakes. The original inhabitants of the area which is now considered Minneapolis were Lakota Sioux Native Americans, who explored and settled the region literally ten thousand years before the arrival of any European explorers. The first non-Native Americans settlers of Minneapolis were French fur traders and explorers, who arrived during the final quarter of the seventeenth century. Heavier settlement began during the early nineteenth century, spurred by Fort Snelling, pressure from the US government, and the removal of the Lakota Sioux. Minneapolis is currently governed by Mayor R.T. Rybak, and is found in a predominately cold climate zone. Minneapolis real estate covers all ranges of types of residences, including apartments, condominiums, and houses.

Minneapolis is something of an economic powerhouse, and not simply because of the comparatively high population of the community. For example, Minneapolis real estate hosts a total of five Fortune 500 Companies, as well as Fortune 1000 companies and numerous regional headquarters. Minneapolis properties also benefit from the high tech programs in the city that led to the city's recognition by Popular Science as the Top Tech City in the United States. Educational opportunities in Minneapolis are met by a number of private and public primary and secondary schools as well as the Minneapolis Community and Technical College, Dunwoody College of Technology, Augusburg College, North Central University, and Capella University.